Mission Statement

The mission of Teammates For Life is to develop a spirit of brotherhood that will extend beyond the athletes playing years at Irvine High School. We want each player to form bonds with teammates that carry into his adult life knowing that he has a support group to assist him when time are difficult. TFL will raise funds to support the Irvine Football program. In a time of dwindling school budgets the need for increased funding is at a premium in order to provide an Irvine Football player with the best possible high school experience. Specifically the funds generated will be used categorically in the following ways:

  • Scholarships - A portion of funds raised by the TFL will be used to support the Teammates For Life Scholarship which will be awarded to a graduating senior to use to further his education.

  • Financial Aid - Funds will be made available to support those families that have difficulty contributing to the program toward the expenses of a player.

  • History - A portion of the funds raised will be used for the purpose of maintaining the record boards, all-league pictures, team plaques, and other items that display the history of the Irvine Football program.

  • Facilities Improvement - The locker room, weight room, and football offices are a source of pride for alumni football players. Funds from the TFL will assist with the maintenance and upgrading of these areas as seen fit by the coaching staff.

  • Capital Expenditures - A portion of the funds will be used to augment purchases of items that are outside the scope of the annual football budget. Such items might include field equipment, video equipment and/or computer scouting equipment.