Congratulations to our scholarship winners.  Teammates For Life is proud to award seven scholarships this year to seven very deserving young men.  Ben Corbett, Lance Withers, Jacob Yi, Chad Colbert, Zeke Alleman, Kameron Raigosa, & Samuel Gomez exemplify the requirements and qualities that Teammates For Life is looking for in deserving young athletes.  We wish you well in your future beyond Irvine High School and look forward to having you both as members of Teammates For Life.

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Victor Cota and Ben Corbett

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Karen Bosbonis and Jacob Yi

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Karen Bosbonis and Lance Withers

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Patrick Topping and Kameron Raigosa

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Patrick Topping and Zeke Alleman

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Victor Cota and Samuel Gomez

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Karen Bosbonis and Chad Colbert